Pedestrian Car Accidents on the Rise

Pedestrian Car Accidents on the Rise

In cities across America, pedestrian accidents are on the rise. As an auto accident lawyer Memphis TN has trusted for decades, I’ve seen a huge increase in pedestrian injury and death over recent years.

There are a few reasons for this trend:

  1. Changes in technology

Just a few years ago, drivers began to rely more on GPS systems to get where they need to go. But those systems can lead to distracted driving. Pedestrian accidents can take a split second and have more dire consequences than any other kind of car accident. So just a quick glance can mean life or death. But now, we’ve moved from mounted GPS systems to car systems or smartphone apps. And those sometimes require we look down even more often than if we had the old GPS systems mounted near the driver’s line of vision, like in the olden days four years ago.

Technology affects walkers, too. Pedestrians who look at their phones and other devices run a much higher risk of being hit by a vehicle. Some cities have even banned looking at your phone while walking, but it’s still legal in most places and adds an extra layer of risk for drivers to avoid.

  1. Changes in urban design

The past few years have brought an influx of young people and professionals back to the cities. Mixed-use development has risen nationwide, and the new residents demand a variety of ways to get around. As more people move into cities and depend on public transportation, more people take to the streets. Some cities are working to create safer pedestrian walkways, but those changes take time and money.

  1. Increase in Cars

Some economists think we’re in an auto bubble the same way we were in a housing bubble before the 2008 recession. With low gas prices and easy approval on car loans, we’ve never seen so many vehicles on the road. People who once couldn’t afford a car now have two SUVs. So just when we get more pedestrians taking to the street, the opposite trend also happens and more people take to their cars. This creates an unusual tension on how to make traffic work to everyone’s benefit.

When you’ve been in a pedestrian-related car accident, you should never go it alone. Car insurance companies have a team of attorneys to fight against you. Always hire an auto accident lawyer you trust who has the experience to make your case a success. That goes for pedestrians as well as drivers.

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