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    Most Common Amputation Injuries Resulting in Compensation

    Gavel next to law booksAmputations can be very tragic for an individual and their loved ones. Those who have endured such an experience may be interested in seeking the advice of an amputation injury lawyer Washington DC residents trust.

    In most cases, a limb may have to amputated by medical professionals because there is no way to save it from a catastrophic injury. However, sometimes the negligence of others causes the original injury —  in circumstances like these, the negligent party may be held responsible for their actions.

    Various injuries leading to the loss of a limb may require the representation of an amputation lawyer in Washington DC. According to the Amputation Coalition, the most common injuries can be separated into the following fields:

    • Dysvascular Disease – Up to 54% of amputations can be associated with vascular diseases like circulation problems, diabetes, peripheral artery disease or Reynaud’s disease. Lower limbs account for most amputations, and they are more common in men than women. When a person has diabetes and requires a lower extremity amputation, there is up to a 55% chance of requiring an amputation of the second leg within 2-3 years. Medical malpractice may also result in limb loss. If you think this may be the case, reach out to an experienced amputation injury lawyer Washington DC has to offer to discuss your possible case.
    • Bone and Joint Cancer – Around 2% of people with bone or joint cancer may incur the loss of a limb.  This is typically only unavoidable when the cancer has spread from the bone or joint into the blood. Cancer-related amputations can also occur when a tumor, located in a limb, cannot be removed without spreading to other parts of the body including vital organs.
    • Trauma – Approximately 45% of amputations are a direct result of a traumatic incident, which happens when the body endures a serious injury after a sudden physical force is put upon it. Those who have experienced a trauma-related injury may look to an amputation injury lawyer Washington DC residents trust. These cases often involve the negligence of others leading to the loss of a limb. Motor vehicle and workplace accidents that have caused the crushing, pinning, burning or severing of the body’s limbs may qualify as negligence. Additional traumatic injuries leading to amputation could include pedestrian accidents, chemical burns, or defective products.

    Types of Amputations

    Every amputation is unique, but most of them fall into one of three main categories. Understanding these categories can help to narrow down the search for a skilled amputation injury lawyer Washington DC offers.

    • Complete amputation: If a limb has been completely severed, such as by a workplace power tool, the amputation is considered to be complete.
    • Incomplete amputation: When the limb is partially attached, such as a leg that has been crushed in a motorcycle accident, the amputation is incomplete.
    • Degloving:  This occurs most commonly in extremely forceful accidents, like an explosion or fire. Degloving happens when the body’s nerves, blood vessels, muscles and skin become separated from the underlying tissue.
    When Amputation Could be Medical Malpractice or Negligence

    Any amputation injury lawyer Washington DC  provides may inform you that there are multiple ways in which an amputation could lead to a lawsuit. Medical malpractice and negligence could be the cause of an amputation. A few examples of malpractice could include:

    • Unnecessary amputation, with an insufficient amount of medical evidence suggesting that the surgical amputation was actually required.
    • Inadequate postsurgical care, which leads to a staph infection, gangrene or other potentially avoidable ailment, thereby necessitating an amputation.
    • A misdiagnosis which leads to the loss of a limb. This may promote further investigation by an amputation injury lawyer Washington DC residents turn to.
    • Negligent surgical mishaps including amputating the wrong limb, performing surgery in the wrong area, or making an error that leads to an infection and amputation, are considered to be medical malpractice. A Washington DC amputation lawyer may help you to identify whether or not you may have a case.
    • Slow response time by a medical team, particularly when the limb could have been saved.
    Seeking Amputation Compensation for Pain and Suffering

    Recovering from an amputation can take many years, and include a number of challenges to overcome. For most amputees and their loved ones, life will never be the same. Ongoing pain management to treat chronic inflammation, nerve damage, or a lack of blood flow may be prevalent in the first few weeks after the initial incident, and future surgeries may be required to treat these issues. Multiple prosthetics may also be necessary, as well as the need to travel to specialists for these prosthesis parts.

    A leading amputation injury lawyer Washington DC respects may help to recover monetary gain for any pain and suffering. This includes not only physical pain, but also phantom pain, emotional pain, mental health issues like PTSD, disability, job loss and the overall decrease in the quality of life.

    The loss of a limb can cause an accumulation of thousands of dollars in debt. Full or partial medical expenses can be considered in an amputation suit, which may include the costs of surgeries, physical therapy, prosthetic limbs, medical care, equipment, or nursing services. Ongoing or future medical expenses may also be recoverable. When you talk to an amputation injury lawyer Washington DC amputees and their loved ones trust, you can get more information about your potential settlement.

    If you or your loved one has lost a limb as a result of negligence or medical malpractice, the negligent person or people are responsible for helping you to regain your life and wellbeing. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain, suffering and any prospective health care.

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