Product Liability: Dangerous Medical Devices

DC Product Liability Lawyers Representing Victims of Dangerous Medical Devices

Washington DC Product Liability LawyerOur Washington, DC dangerous medical device product liability attorneys are just a phone call away. Medical devices are used now more than ever before. They help treat and heal various illnesses, injuries, and conditions of the body. On the whole, these devices are well tested, safe, and effective. But sometimes, either through a lack of testing or just unforeseen circumstances, these devices can injure and even kill individuals. If you or a loved one have been hurt due to a medical device, contact the best product liability attorney Washington, DC has to offer.

Medical Devices Linked With Numerous Injuries

Medical devices, like joint implants, IVC filters, and transvaginal mesh have been linked with a number of injuries. In some cases, manufacturers may have failed to warn physicians and consumers of potential links to dangerous side effects. In other cases, these effects simply were not anticipated but developed after the products were put into use. Sometimes the effects are more dangerous than the conditions the medical device treated. In other cases, individuals have had to undergo a number of painful and debilitating surgeries in order to fix damage done to their body.

The FDA has recognized a number of dangerous medical devices, and issued alerts to physicians and the public. These alerts are meant to warn consumers and their doctors about potential dangers that may occur. Often, however, these warnings come too late for individuals already affected. If you have been hurt due to a dangerous medical device, contact the best product liability lawyer Washington, DC has to offer.

Signs of Potential Harm

As Washington, DC dangerous medical devices product liability lawyers, our team represents individuals who have been harmed by these devices. Signs of potential harm include side effects that were not mentioned, failure of the device to work, the need to undergo revision surgery, the breakdown of the device after a period of time, or side effects that are dangerous or even life-threatening. It is critical in these cases to get proper representation to help you pursue compensation for medical bills, lost pay, and pain and suffering. Further, by hiring a Washington, DC product liability lawyer, you spread the word about these devices and may prevent suffering in another individual. Contact Cohen & Cohen today for a free consultation.