Claims Against
Government Entities

DC Medical Malpractice, Slip & Fall, Medical Mistake Attorney

DC Medical Malpractice, Slip & Fall, Medical Mistake AttorneyOur personal injury lawyers in Washington DC will be the first to tell you: no matter the government agency, a claim against a government entity requires close analysis and thorough representation. All personal injury claims are complex– but there are special rules that apply when filing a claim against a government entity, be it a public transportation service provider or a federal employer. In Washington, DC, the federal government is the largest employer. As such, our DC, Maryland and Virginia personal injury lawyers are extremely familiar with the regulations around personal injury claims involving the government. We at Cohen & Cohen, PC possess the experience, knowledge, and unique insights to navigate the legal complexities of your case and obtain a recovery for you.

When you consult with our government injury lawyers in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we will carefully advise you as to your legal rights and options and help you decide on an avenue to pursue. We will discuss, in depth, the factors that affect your personal injury claim. Again, different rules apply when filing a claim against a government entity. The factors most likely to affect your claim are:

  • Statutes of limitations: The time frames within which you are allowed to file a claim vary from state to state. However, generally, the statute of limitations for a lawsuit is shorter for government entities than for suing a private group or individual party. At times, a government entity may hire a contractor or use the services of a private business, and that party may be at fault–for example, if an outside owner provides school buses for the county, or if your DC medical malpractice attorney finds fault with an individual doctor rather than a government-owned hospital. In such an instance, the rules around the time frame for a claim or a lawsuit may differ. Furthermore, some government entities may require that you allow them to offer a settlement before you can file a lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyers are licensed to practice in DC, MD and Virginia, so we are able to navigate the different regulations across different cities and counties in the greater Washington DC area.
  • Immunity: Government entities may be protected from certain types of claims. There are certain actions with which–even if negligence can be proved– the government entity cannot and will not be found at fault for your injuries. Government entities are often also immune from punitive damages– damages that are meant to further punish the at-fault party and deter them from causing harm in the future.
  • Notice of Claim: In the District of Columbia, claimants are required to file a notice of claim to the Mayor’s Office of Risk Management within a set time period from the injury. You are not allowed to file a suit without warning, basically. Within your notice of claim, your Washington DC government personal injury attorney will help you ensure the notice is properly formatted and sent to the appropriate office, so that your right to pursue compensation is protected.

We expect our government to safeguard its citizens. When this trust is betrayed, the results can be devastating and we may not know how best to move forward. Filing a claim against a government entity– or any personal injury claim for that matter– can be a complicated and emotionally taxing process. However, with the help of a compassionate and knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, you can start your path to recovery. Contact the attorneys of Cohen & Cohen, PC for help.

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