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    Is Your Burn Injury Applicable for a Lawsuit?

    Burn Injury Lawyer Washington DCIt’s important to know where to look for a burn injury lawyer Washington DC residents can turn to when they believe they have a case. Burn injuries can be extremely painful and encompass months, even years, of recovery. The severity of physical burn injuries can vary and can also include psychological or emotional harm as a direct result. To further complicate the matter, long term treatment can lead to the accumulation of significant medical costs, as well as permanent disability.

    If you or a family member is looking for a burn injury lawyer, Washington DC has many; however, not all are created equal. You may want to consider a lawyer who is willing to go the distance; thoroughly examining your case and future prospective recovery to ensure all monetary gain is covered. Cohen and Cohen, an established DC law firm with over 100 years of combined experience. Powered with a determination to fight for what’s fair and just, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may be able to help you with burn injury compensation.

    Types of Burn Injuries

    Some burn injuries are an unfortunate accident. Others are the result of the negligent actions of others, and there are those which occur from products deemed as being safe.  The following are the most common burn injuries:

    • Chemicals (i.e. workplace solvents)
    • Defective household products (i.e. drain cleaner)
    • Defective household appliances (i.e. water boiler)
    • Defective smoke detectors
    • Defective industrial equipment
    • Fireworks
    • Spilled food and beverages
    • Gases

    Burn Injury Classifications

    A burn injury lawyer Washington DC residents turn to for advice may ask about the extent of the burns encountered during a traumatic event or incident. A burn injury may be medically classified as superficial, partial or full thickness. These classifications are dependent upon how deep the body tissue is affected. More commonly, burn injuries may be referred to as:

    1. First Degree Burn – Also known as superficial burns, these affect the epidermis and cause swelling, minor pain and redness. Most people have experienced a first degree burn without any permanent damage.

    2. Second Degree – Partial thickness burns damage the first two layers of the skin. Although surgery is generally not needed, skin grafting may be recommended and scarring can result. Second degree burns can cause moderate to severe pain and blisters. A burn injury lawyer in Washington DC should be able to determine whether or not you have a case for a second degree burn.

    3. Third Degree – Referred to by doctors as full thickness burns, these are extremely serious and one of the most common reasons to seek out the assistance of a burn injury lawyer Washington DC families trust. These burns affect every layer of the skin and the underlying tissue. Surgeries, skin grafting and transplantation is usually necessary; even ongoing.

    4. Fourth Degree – The most serious type of burns extend beneath the skin and into the muscle. Multiple surgeries and amputations may be needed in addition to skin grafting. Permanent scarring and partial or complete loss of hearing, sight, taste or smell can result.

    If you have experienced any of the above types of burns, reach out to a specialized burn injury lawyer Washington DC has fighting for the potential victims of wrongdoing and negligence.

    Establishing Negligence for a Burn Injury

    Burn injuries occur when the body tissue comes into close contact with different types of chemicals, flammable liquids, electricity, heat/fire, radiation, hot liquids or steam and gases. Inhalation of smoke or defective products can also lead to a burn injury. Sometimes, the injury is a merely an accident; meaning there was no negligence on the part of a person or company. However, this is not always the case.

    To establish if negligence was a factor, a burn injury lawyer Washington DC residents turn to may investigate the person and/or company to prove whether or not an act of carelessness was involved.  For example, if you’re working in a factory that manufactures harsh cleaning solvents and they eat through provided gloves causing third degree burns, the factory could be held responsible.

    Essentially, the Washington DC burn injury lawyer must attempt to determine that the defendant failed to meet a standard of care which is the considered to be the same care or skill that another person would implement in a similar situation. Once this is established, the burn injury lawyer should further show that the incident would not have happened had the defendant dutifully cared for the plaintiff.

    Acknowledging Time Constraints

    Reach out to a burn injury lawyer Washington DC recognizes as being a leading attorney, and you’ll quickly discover that time is of the essence. With burn injuries there is a statue of limitations. In other words, this is a deadline for which a lawsuit can be filed. If this period has passed, a burn injury victim will likely be unable to be compensated. Every state will have different statute of limitations; many of which significantly vary. If you’re unsure, you can ask a burn injury lawyer Washington DC men and women consult for further information.

    In addition to the statue of regulations, a Washington DC burn injury lawyer may wish to contact witnesses or examine evidence. Over time, a witness’ memory can fade or the witness may become more difficult to locate; evidence can also be destroyed, or in certain cases, disappear altogether.

    These time constraints can make it extremely important for a victim or their family members to contact a knowledgeable burn injury lawyer Washington DC has fighting for the rights of individuals and any potential compensation.

    Every lawsuit of a Washington DC burn injury lawyer is treated uniquely. Compensation is dependent upon a victim’s personal case and may include the initial medical care, skin grafting, plastic surgery, equipment, therapy, long term care, lost wages and partial or full disability.

    Contacting Cohen and Cohen, P.C, a Burn Injury Lawyer in Washington DC

    If you’re a burn survivor, you may be experiencing a wealth of emotions including anger, fear and resentment; these are normal reactions. A lawsuit not only helps to financially compensate you for a physical injury, but also provide you with strength and empowerment in knowing that the negligent person or company is held accountable for their carelessness. Furthermore, burn injury lawsuits often enable the implementation of new safety measures or protocols; thereby preventing further incidents from happening.

    If you’re looking for a leading burn injury lawyer Washington DC recognizes as being one of the foremost in the area, contact Cohen and Cohen, P.C. now for a free burn injury lawsuit consultation at (202) 999-3284.

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