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    Bus Accident Lawyer Cheverly MDAs a bus accident lawyer Cheverly MD residents respect, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. is happy to provide some brief information that may be helpful to know in the wake of a bus related accident.

    There are general facts about bus accidents that you may not be aware of but should know. While this information may be of some assistance, there is no substitute for consulting with bus accident lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer. We encourage you to contact us immediately if you have been injured in a bus accident.

    Facts You May Not Know About Bus Accidents

    1. Studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that about 300 bus accidents involving fatalities occur every year in the United States. If you have lost a loved one in a bus accident, choose a bus accident lawyer Cheverly MD families have turned to for help. At Cohen and Cohen, we do our very best to help families cope with the horror of losing a family member. We dedicate our resources to help them find justice. Money is a small measure of a person’s worth, but a family may be dependent on the victim’s income in order to make ends meet. A bus accident lawyer Cheverly MD locals trust may be able help families recover damages lost through no fault of their own.

    3. Depending on who owns the bus and where the accident occurs, a number of people and companies or entities may be held liable. An experienced Cheverly MD bus accident lawyer will develop a legal strategy which will include who will be named in any lawsuits or litigation on your behalf. These parties may be any or a combination of the following:
      • The school district if it’s a school bus.
      • The company that owns the bus.
      • The city or local government that is responsible for the public transportation bus involved in the accident.
      • The driver.
      • The company responsible for properly maintaining and/or making mechanical repairs to the bus.

    Because the at-fault party can be so variable, litigation may prove more difficult than just considering the general regulations for large multi passenger vehicles. It may be wise, then to enlist the help of a top bus accident lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer, who understands how intricate these cases can become.

    1. As commercial drivers, bus drivers must have special licensing and in some cases, special training. If it can be proven that they did not meet any of those obligations or requirements, they may be held liable for any resulting accident.

    How Do Bus Accidents Result in Personal Injuries?

    A bus accident can happen for any number of reasons and the following examples are only a partial list. If you’re the victim of a bus accident that happened for any reason at all, immediately contact a bus accident lawyer Cheverly MD can rely on.

    1. If a bus stops short, and passengers are not wearing seatbelts, they can make hard contact with number of hard surfaces: seats, windows, doors, floor, walls, or ceilings. The resulting injuries can be devastating.
    2. If the driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol, this may lead to loss of control of the bus resulting in an accident and personal injuries by those on board when the bus impacts another vehicle or goes off the road.
    3. If road conditions are challenging, drivers may more easily lose control, potentially leading to serious injury.

    What Are Your Rights?

    If you are an accident victim and your attorney can prove that you were not at fault, you may be entitled to:

    1. Reimbursements for your medical costs. This can include everything from ambulance transportation to surgery costs to rehabilitation therapy. Save all of your receipts for any costs associated with the bus accident. Your attorney may request to see them in order to include the dollar amounts in a settlement or lawsuit against the at-fault parties.
    2. Lost wages. Or, what you would have earned if the accident had not taken away your ability to work. This can include wages in the future if you are not able to return to work because of diminished capacity to perform your job.
    3. Personal property damages. This can be your car repairs or replacement, temporary rental car costs, and the cost to repair or replace your property that was damaged while inside your vehicle or the bus in which you were travelling.

    Get the Facts from a Bus Accident Lawyer Cheverly MD Passengers Can Rely On

    Accidents involving buses, whether they’re privately owned or government operated can be complicated when it comes to litigation. In cases like these you want an attorney who is experienced in accident law and personal injuries. Cohen and Cohen lawyer have handled more than 5,000 personal injury cases. Contact Cohen and Cohen today when you need a bus accident lawyer Cheverly MD passengers go to first for help after experiencing a personal injury.

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