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    Public Transportation and Bus Accident Injuries

    Bus Accident Lawyer Greenbelt MDAnyone searching for a top bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD can provide may already know that it’s not easy finding a capable lawyer for bus accident cases. Many lawyers could have experience handling car accident claims, but it’s essential to keep in mind that bus accidents can be very different from the average car crash.

    At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our lawyers know that it’s imperative for clients to feel comfortable seeking legal counsel from an experienced bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD has to offer. Not only does our firm provide exemplary counsel to the injured victims of car accidents, but we’re also willing to discuss case options with the victims of bus accidents. We know that in a city like Greenbelt — located so closely to Washington DC — many residents depend on cost-efficient forms of transportation, and this includes city bus systems. If a resident is involved in a bus accident as a passenger on a bus — or even as an occupant in another vehicle — that individual deserves to have exemplary representation from a bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD can trust.

    While no one can say that they are “the best” bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD residents would recommend, the legal team at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. is proud to be known as a dependable and knowledge source for injured bus accident victims. Here is a quick look at what injured clients may have faced — and could encounter during an injury claim — when a public transportation bus is involved:

    Public Transportation and City Bus Accidents

    Although these types of traffic accidents may not occur as often as other car and truck accidents, it’s still very possible for passengers to be injured when riding public transportation. This could potentially include any type of passenger vehicle,  such as the Metro rail line cars or Metro buses. Any time a passenger boards a public transportation vehicle, there is a possibility of being injured in an accident.

    Being so close to the major metropolitan areas of Washington DC and Baltimore, an experienced bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD will likely know that bus accidents can occur at any time. Passengers who are injured inside a bus during an accident are not necessarily protected by the bus’ interior structure or seating; severe injuries could potentially result for passengers.

    Additionally, any occupants of other vehicles involved in an accident could experience very traumatic injuries. Because buses are generally much larger, longer, and heavier than the average passenger car or truck, if a bus collides with another vehicle, it’s more likely that the occupants of that vehicle will suffer serious injuries.

    Seeking an injury settlement with the help of a bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD residents trust might be a wise decision for any individuals who are gravely injured during a bus accident. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these injury claims will be slightly different from a claim made against another individual: buses are generally considered “common carriers” according to some US legislation, and this could potentially complicate disputes over liability.

    Buses and Common Carrier Laws

    Buses and other types of public transportation vehicles are often known as “common carriers.” Common carriers are vehicles that transport people or cargo from one location to another in exchange for a fee. Bus companies and bus drivers still have a responsibility to protect their passengers as much as possible, but under a common carrier law, passengers often retain some responsibility for their own wellbeing and safety.

    In other words, a bus company is responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers, but under some state laws, the driver or bus company might not be fully responsible for a passenger’s injuries. If a company ensures that each bus has working seatbelts, for example, but a passenger fails to use a seatbelt and is subsequently injured in a crash, then the passenger might be held partially responsible.

    When a Greenbelt MD bus accident lawyer is trying to win a settlement for an injury claim against a bus company, and when the bus company is protected under a common carrier law, it might be harder for the injured claimant to prove liability. In these cases, a claimant must prove that the company or bus driver was blatantly negligent.

    Proving negligence can become difficult when city bus lines are involved. For example, if a bus stops suddenly and a standing passenger is injured, the circumstances of why the bus stopped could play a large role in whether the bus driver was negligent. In a busy city, stop-and-go traffic is common. If the bus driver stops suddenly because the car ahead did not have working brake lights, the bus driver may have caused an accident without being completely negligent. If the bus driver stopped suddenly because he or she was distracted while driving, then it is more likely that the driver will be considered negligent.

    Public Transportation Accidents: Who’s Liable?

    There are several parties that could potentially be held liable when a public transportation accident occurs. It is possible that another vehicle collided with the bus and it’s possible that bus driver made an error. In either of these cases, the driver (or drivers) could be held liable.

    The accident could also have been caused by a faulty piece of equipment within the bus. If this is the case, several parties may be held liable. The companies that designed, manufactured, or sold the faulty part could be responsible. If the faulty part should have been discovered in a routine inspection by the bus company or repair service, then either of these services could be held responsible.

    If a claimant wishes to pursue an injury settlement against the local municipality that operates the bus line, there may be special laws that apply to these claims. It could be essential for a claimant to work with an experienced bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD can provide in order to make sure that special regulations are considered when making a claim.

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    At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team is proud to serve the residents of Greenbelt MD and we’re proud to provide excellent legal counsel to injured accident victims. If you or a family member has been injured in a bus accident, our firm may be able to help. For more information about our services, or to talk with a bus accident lawyer Greenbelt MD trusts, contact our local Maryland office today.

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