Car Accident Attorney Washington DC

If you’ve been injured from the negligence of another driver, a car accident attorney Washington DC trusts would like to speak with you. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. is well-versed in the laws encompassing vehicular collisions. With sound legal reasoning and a tenacious zeal to protect the rights of victims, our law firm has the experience needed to pursue maximum compensation.

The Advantages of a Washington DC Car Accident Attorney

Technically you can file a claim on your own, but doing so without knowing how to navigate the complexities of the legal system could have a negative impact on your overall chances of winning. If you’re not sure how a car accident attorney in Washington DC may benefit you, consider the following:

You Have Time Limits to File a Claim – A car accident claim must be filed within a time period. If you fail to adhere to this statute of limitation, you may give up your right to seek monetary compensation. Because these time periods could abruptly change, the sooner you contact a car accident attorney Washington DC respects, the better.

An Attorney Understands the Laws – In some circumstances, you might have to file a police report or other formal notice. Without complying with these often unknown rules in a timely manner, you could run into problems. A car accident attorney Washington DC residents can count on should be familiar with the fine details and may ensure all the legal requirements of a claim are met.

Your Attorney May Communicate with the Insurance Party – It is the job of the involved insurance carriers to investigate the incident, which means they may want to question you. It is also their job to keep their costs down to a minimum. This situation could make you feel intimidated, confused, or as if you’ve done something wrong. Rather than speaking with them first, you can inform the company you’ve hired a car accident attorney Washington DC offers. From this point on, an attorney may maintain all communication and protect you from getting duped into making a false statement or getting less than what you deserve.

A Lawyer Prepares for Each Case – Sometimes claims are not straightforward; they may have a number of obstacles that must be overturned. Extensive research may be required to prove your case; this is especially true if it goes to trial. Without a car accident attorney Washington DC depends on, you might not be able to proceed with a complex claim on your own.

Attorneys Have Connections – Many lawyers have a roster of connections ranging from doctors, private investigators, and expert witnesses. These individuals may be advantageous to proving your claim, thereby enabling you to collect damages.

Cohen and Cohen, P.C. – A Law Firm You Can Trust

When you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, the encompassing pain and suffering in addition to exorbitant financial losses could be devastating. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. understands what you may be going through and is ready to walk you through your legal options during a free consultation. To schedule your consultation with an accident attorney Washington DC has to offer, please call (202) 999-3284.