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    Accident Liability FAQ

    Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Lanham MDAt Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we know that it’s not always easy to find a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer Lanham MD residents trust. Most people do not search for personal injury lawyers before accidents occur, and immediately after an accident happens, it can be an added stress to look for one. Motor vehicle accidents can be extremely traumatic and victims involved in these accidents may sustain life-threatening injuries. It’s important for these victims to have a trusted source to turn to for legal counsel, and that’s exactly where our lawyers may be able to help.

    As an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Lanham MD has to offer might attest, proving fault in an accident can be complicated. At our law firm, we believe that it’s important for our clients to feel comfortable asking questions about the issues they may be facing. While we encourage potential clients to call our local office to talk with a motor vehicle accident lawyer Lanham MD trusts about any issues that directly impact their case, here are some of the more common questions that clients ask:

    “Why might the insurance company deny my claim?”

    It’s possible for a claim to be denied simply due to clerical errors or missing information. In these cases, it may be simple for a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer Lanham MD residents trust to file an appealed claim with all of the correct information. Other cases may involve liability disputes. Because auto insurance companies have the ability to deny an injury claim, it’s less likely that the insurer will pay a claimant when there is a disagreement about liability.

    “What happens if the insurance company says I was also negligent?”

    Firstly, it’s important to know that an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Lanham MD has to offer may be able to provide legal counsel and representation for an accident victim especially when an insurance provider is refusing to pay a fair settlement.

    Negligence can be a complicated issue in a car accident settlement. The amount of liability given to a negligent driver can vary from state to state. Some states will allow for the adjustment of a settlement if the victim was partially responsible for causing the accident; other states have passed legislation saying that the insurer could deny all compensation to an individual who was even 1% responsible for causing the accident. If you believe that negligence may be a factor in your case, it is often advisable to speak with a lawyer before admitting to any wrongdoing.

    “What kinds of damages can be compensated in a personal injury settlement?”

    The exact damages that are factored into a person’s injury settlement can differ greatly between individuals. However, there are three main types of damages that are often awarded in car accident injury claims:

    1. Compensation for medical costs, including both past and estimated future costs

    2. Compensation for lost wages incurred by the injury

    3. Damages for pain and suffering or, in the event of death, for loss of companionship

    “What is ‘pain and suffering’ in an injury settlement?”

    It can be difficult to put an exact dollar amount on a person’s pain and suffering. As a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Lanham MD can rely on might argue, it’s sometimes impossible to quantify a person’s suffering. If death should occur, there is certainly no amount of money that could compensate the victim’s surviving loved ones. The compensation awarded under “pain and suffering” is typically calculated based on several factors. Loss of enjoyment of life, lost companionship, or even permanent physical disfigurement can cause a person a great deal of anguish.

    Damages labeled as “pain and suffering” are often described as a way of recognizing that the victim and his/her family has suffered. This compensation may also serve as a punitive measure, since civil court lawsuits do not punish a guilty defendant with other punitive measures like jail time or community service.

    “What happens if my accident was caused by someone who wasn’t a driver involved in the crash?”

    In some cases, it’s possible for an accident to happen because of a factor unrelated to the drivers involved in the crash. Accidents caused by faulty vehicle parts, for example, have happened in the past. In these cases, the vehicle manufacturer or dealer might be held liable for the accident, rather than the person driving the defective car. In truck accidents, the truck company might be held liable when the truck driver fails to operate his/her vehicle safely.

    Other situations may involve poor road conditions that could have been prevented with proper upkeep, or missing/vandalized road signs. These cases would likely involve a claim against the local municipality in charge of the roads. If an accident occurs because of a large pothole in the road, or if tree branches obstruct the driver’s sight of a stop sign, an accident victim might claim that the local governing board may be liable. As a seasoned motor vehicle accident lawyer in Lanham MD might attest, these cases involving the government can be very lengthy and complicated — but when the local government truly was responsible for keeping the roads safe, and when it failed to do so, then it may be possible to claim financial damages.

    Contact A Local Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Lanham MD Can Depend On

    When you need a skilled Lanham MD motor vehicle accident lawyer, it’s comforting to know that a local law firm is here to help. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we have built up a strong reputation in the local community for being trustworthy and dependable. It’s our job to make sure that when our clients are injured in a car accident due to someone else’s mistake, that they are able to collect the financial damages they rightfully deserve.

    Even during our most difficult accident claims and lawsuits, we strive to provide exemplary legal counsel that will benefit our clients. Each client’s case is unique and we know how important it is for each and every factor to be considered. For more information about our law firm, or to speak with a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Lanham MD can provide, call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today.

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