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    Severed Limb Injuries from Vehicle Accidents

    Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Tysons VAAn experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA drivers trust may be able to help you if you suffered a severed limb injury in a car accident that was not your fault. Our attorneys at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. have assisted many victims who suffered serious injuries in vehicle accidents.

    Unfortunately, serious and fatal injuries are not uncommon in car accidents. They can cause broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and severed limbs. In personal injury cases like these, a Tysons VA motor vehicle accident lawyer may assist in your recovery by recovering compensation for your damages from the negligent party or parties.

    What is a traumatic amputation?

    It occurs when a limb or body part is partially or fully severed from the body. Based on experience, a motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA accident victims rely on might offer this list of the most common amputations that occur in car accidents:

    • Arms
    • Hands
    • Feet
    • Legs
    • Toes
    • Fingers
    • Eyes



    Because a severed limb can involve major blood vessels and arteries, it can be a life threatening injury. Immediate and severe complications can develop as a result including shock, bleeding, and infection.

    Very occasionally, a severed limb or finger can be reattached, whether it’s partially or fully severed. It will depend on to what degree the body was damaged and the length of time before medical aid is administered. Even after successful reattachment surgery, there might be permanent nerve damage and a loss of feeling, dexterity, or mobility. A motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA drivers go to for legal representation can take the permanence of your injury into account when determining a fair settlement.

    Intentional Amputations through Surgery

    A surgical amputation is when a surgeon removes a body part that was severely damaged in a vehicle accident. It can be necessary for any number of reasons including:

    1. It is infected and antibiotics are not working to heal the infection.
    2. The body part is too damaged from the accident to be effective.
    3. The body is too damaged for the part to be reconnected.


    Though surgical amputations are sometimes necessary for the overall health of the patient, they can lead to serious complications such as:

    1. Blood clots
    2. Tissue death
    3. Open wounds that can lead to infection
    4. Joint deformity


    The Use of Prosthetic Devices

    Prosthetic devices have become increasing sophisticated over the years and have enabled people who have lost limbs regain a higher quality of living. They are often used in place of amputated feet, arms, legs, and hands. Modern prosthetics are more effective than ever and are more comfortable for the wearer.

    What has not changed about prosthetic devices is that they are expensive and may not be covered in full by insurance. A motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA can provide for assistance to victims can use every available option to recover the medical costs from the at fault driver. If a settlement is not possible, an attorney from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may be able to file a lawsuit to collect compensation for your damages.

    Unfortunately, prosthetic devices break or wear out. Depending on the person’s age and activity level, they may need several replacement prosthetic devices throughout the course of their lifetime.

    Enduring Effects of a Severed Limb Injury

    Regardless of what limb was severed, its loss may take time to adjust to on a psychological level. In addition, the victim may have to make permanent lifestyle changes as a result of the injury. It can affect what were once routine daily tasks by making them impossible or very difficult to achieve.

    Though the limb is gone, the victim may periodically endure pain in that area even if it no longer exists. This is referred to as phantom pain. Sensations in the brain and spinal cord are usually the cause. Though it may eventually lessen or stop, it can be treated with acupuncture, mirror box therapy, nerve stimulation, or surgery if necessary. It may require a motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA respects to prove that phantom pain is very real for their client and should be compensated for by the negligent driver.

    Loss of Income Due to a Severed Limb Injury

    Not until after the victim has recovered from the limb surgery can most even begin to consider returning to work. During that recovery time they are most likely unable work and are losing wages as a result. Even after they recover from surgery, it may not be possible for them to work full time or in the same position. They may have to take a lesser paying job which is an additional loss of income. A personal injury claim attorney may be able to claim lost wages and a loss of income as part of the settlement.

    Mental or Emotional Effects from Severed Limbs

    Victims of car accidents who lost a limb as a result very often go through a mourning process. It can include severe depression, anger, denial, and any number of additional emotions. The victim may have to seek psychiatric therapy or treatment for depression following the permanent loss of a limb. The recovery and rehabilitation process, plus permanent lifestyle changes, can place a heavy burden on supportive family and friends. An experienced lawyer can recognize the importance and value of home health care options and can include those costs in a settlement negotiation or lawsuit. A motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA families rely on for legal guidance can be invaluable when dealing with a serious personal injury claim.

    Contact a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Tysons VA

    Suffering an amputated limb injury from a car accident is a particularly serious injury. It is also most often a permanent injury, except for rare cases when reconnection surgery is 100% successful and effective. Exactly how much an amputated limb injury will affect their lifestyle depends on the age and circumstances of the victim. It can affect their personal, family, and professional life.

    An experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA residents respect will understand the losses associated with a severed limb. He or she will help you recover your costs for short and long term medical care and treatment. Call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today to learn more about how a motor vehicle accident lawyer Tysons VA relies on can help you.

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