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    Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Wheaton MDWhen searching for a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Wheaton MD has to offer, it’s common for accident victims to wonder how they might pursue compensation for their injuries. While every case is unique, and every accident involves different factors that may affect the outcome of a claim, it’s important to know that you don’t have to empty your bank account because of someone else’s mistake on the road.

    At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team understands that motor vehicle accidents can be complicated matters. Whether it is a trucking accident, a motorcycle accident, a bicycle accident, or simply a passenger car accident, there are many details in each case that could potentially make it difficult to obtain compensation. Injured accident victims deserve to receive trustworthy counsel from a motor vehicle accident lawyer Wheaton MD residents recommend, and at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we’ve gained a strong reputation in the local area for being effective, dependable, and knowledgeable. We believe that it’s our job to inform clients of what to expect when an injury claim doesn’t go as planned.

    Filing a Complaint

    If an injured accident victim files a claim with an insurance company to receive financial compensation for his/her injuries, it’s possible for this claim to be denied. It can also be possible for the insurer to offer a settlement that is much lower than what the claimant rightfully deserves to receive. While it is often beneficial to discuss your options with a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Wheaton MD can provide before taking any legal actions, an injured claimant may wish to seek compensation through a lawsuit when an insurance company denies his/her claim.

    Filing a complaint in the appropriate court is the first step. The claimant, or plaintiff, seeks financial compensation from the defendant through an official document that is often called the “complaint.” Personal injury lawsuits are filed in civil court, typically with the assistance of an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Wheaton MD has to offer. Because these lawsuits are intended to recover financial losses for the victims, the defendants of a civil court lawsuit are not given punitive measures like jail sentences if the court rules in favor of the plaintiff. Instead, the defendant may be ordered to pay a certain amount of money to the plaintiff.

    After the injured plaintiff files the initial complaint, the defendant must be notified of the lawsuit through an official summons. Each state and court may have different regulations about how this summons is delivered to the defendant, and many lawyers request local law enforcement officials to deliver the document. The defendant must then provide an “answer” to the complaint. If an injured accident victim is filing the lawsuit against an insurance provider, the insurer will likely provide an answer that outlines why it previously refused to pay the settlement initially requested.

    Pretrial Information

    After the initial complaint has been filed and answered by the defendant, both sides will have the opportunity to collect information about the accident. These procedures are similar to what might take place during any personal injury case. Working with a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer Wheaton MD can provide is very beneficial during this stage of the process because the plaintiff’s lawyer or legal team will be able to collect  necessary information and evidence.

    A motor vehicle accident claim might require several different pieces of evidence and documentation, especially if the claim is taken to court. This information often includes documents such as:

    • Police report(s) of the accident
    • Photo evidence of the accident
    • Medical information (diagnosis and treatment) about the victim’s relevant injuries
    • Documents showing medical bills pays
    • Documents showing lost wages, if applicable
    • Witness testimonies
    • CCTV recordings, if available


    Not all accident cases will require all of this information, and some lawsuits may require substantially more information. Lawyers on both sides of the case may choose to request interrogatory responses from witnesses, which are written answers to questions about the accidents. In many personal injury cases, the plaintiff’s Wheaton MD motor vehicle accident lawyer will ask witnesses of the accident to provide depositions. These are verbal accounts of what happened, they are provided before the lawsuit goes to court, and the witnesses provide these statements under oath.

    It is important to keep in mind that at any point during the pretrial procedures, both sides may come to a settlement rather than going to court. It is possible for lawyers on both sides to engage in informal negotiations or mediation procedures throughout the pretrial process.

    Going to Court

    If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, it may be in the plaintiff’s best interest to continue seeking financial damages through a lawsuit. The proceedings for a car accident injury case typically resemble the proceedings of other personal injury lawsuits:

    • A jury will be selected and approved by both parties
    • Opening statements will be delivered by the plaintiff and defendant (or by the lawyers for these parties)
    • Evidence of the accident will be presented in court, and witnesses may be called to testify under oath
    • Both parties are invited to provide closing statements
    • The jury will deliberate and offer a decision


    Some car accident cases can be handled through small claims court or with a simple trial in front of a judge, rather than in front of a jury. It’s possible for the entire lawsuit to proceed very quickly, but complicated cases may take days — or even weeks — to finish. As a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer Wheaton MD can provide might explain, going to court can be beneficial for plaintiffs in certain cases — but it’s not perfect for every case. Not only can this process be unpredictable but the ruling provided by the court is also final.

    Contact a Local Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Wheaton MD Residents Trust

    When you need a local motor vehicle accident lawyer in Wheaton MD you can depend on, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. is here. We have helped many clients in the past obtain compensation for their car accident injuries — whether compensation comes through an informal negotiation process or through a formal civil court lawsuit. We’re prepared to help clients through every step involved and we provide clients with realistic expectations for their cases. For more information about Cohen and Cohen, P.C., or to schedule a free case evaluation with a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Wheaton MD trusts, contact us today by phone or online.

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