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    Tips to Keep You Safe

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cheverly MDAvoiding collisions as a motorcyclist may be easier with these safety tips from a motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD commuters trust. For over twenty years, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. has had a strong presence in the Metro area representing victims of vehicular accidents; and all too often, those accident victims are motorcyclists. Here are some safety tips from a motorcycle accident lawyer in Cheverly MD that may help keep you safe on the road.

    Five Safety Tips for Avoiding Collisions as a Motorcyclist

    Almost any motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer may tell you firsthand that, unfortunately, a large number of motorcycle accidents result in significant property damage, personal injuries, and even deaths. Here are some tips to stay safe on the road and avoid getting hurt:

    1. Drive defensively. This is a big picture approach that a top motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD provides may suggest to avoid accidents. Here are a number of ways you can drive defensively:

    • Anticipate: Anticipate when a car might pull in front of you without warning. Keep as much distance between your motorbike and other vehicles as possible in case they don’t signal before changing lanes.
      Anticipate when they might suddenly slow down in front of you, which may quickly close the gap between you. By keeping your distance you should have enough time to slow or stop if necessary.
      Anticipate them not entirely stopping at a four-way stop or possibly passing through the intersection before it’s their turn. This could cause a collision between their vehicle and your motorcycle. Be ready to yield or have to avoid them at the last moment.
      Anticipate when a stoplight will change to yellow or red and how the traffic around you may react. You may have to slow, speed up, or dodge their vehicle with very little warning.
      Anticipate lane changes and turns. Not every car driver uses a turn signal. Some will fail to signal at all, and others may only use arm signals instead of blinkers. Laws vary by region as to whether an arm signal is an acceptable substitute for blinkers, so if this contributes to a collision involving you, consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD accident victims have hired in similar situations.


    • Stay Focused: Focus on the road, the drivers and their cars around you, and don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Many accidents are caused by distracted drivers.
    • Follow the Rules: Abide by the rules of the road, including right-of-ways, yields, and speed limits to minimize your risk of a collision. Keep your driving consistent and predictable to make it easier for others to anticipate what you will do next.

    2. Invest in blind spot mirrors. More than one motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD locals get answers from may tell you that blind spot mirrors are an inexpensive way to avoid collisions. For less than ten dollars you can purchase two blind spot mirrors, one for each side mirror. Application is simple:

    • Peel off the plastic covering on the back to reveal the adhesive strip.
    • Press the mirror to the corner of your mirror.
    • Test the location of the blind spot mirror for maximum effect.


    3. Give Trucks Extra Leeway.Because of their size, trucks offer limited visibility for their drivers, particularly when vehicles are directly behind them or near the rear corners. Motorcycles can be difficult for any motorist to see, but this is especially the case for truckers. Don’t ride in the trucker’s blinds spots and stay well behind them if you’re not going to pass. A motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD respects might suggest that if you can’t see the driver’s reflection in his mirrors, he can’t see you either.

    4. Avoid riding in darkness whenever possible.Older model motorcycles are notorious for having weak headlights. Even strong headlights may not give you enough warning to avoid hazardous road debris at night. An experienced Cheverly MD motorcycle accident lawyer would probably recommend riding in full daylight and staying off the road from dusk until dawn.

    5. Be aware of speeding cars.If a car is driving excessively fast, they have even less time to see you and your motorcycle. It may also require more time for them to stop. Check your mirrors frequently. This minimizes the risk of another motorist approaching from behind unexpectedly.

    Safety Gear to Minimize Your Risk of Injuries

    The average motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD relies on is aware of motorcycle injuries that were avoidable had the riders followed these suggestions:

    1. Wear an approved Department of Transportation helmet.Technology has greatly improved in recent years when it comes to motorcycle helmets. Not only are they safer than ever, they’re also more comfortable to wear. In many areas of the country it’s illegal to not wear a helmet.
    2. Heavy duty motorcycle leathers.A motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD recognizes as very experienced might suggest that contact with anything, including the pavement can be deadly. Protect yourself with clothing that can protect you from road rash.
    3. Invest in side mirrors. Mirrors can help keep you facing forward which makes it easier to stay focused on the road ahead. Whenever you look over your shoulder you’re taking your eyes off the road.
    4. Replace ineffective lights.Having a bright headlight can dramatically improve your motorcycle’s visibility to other drivers even in daylight. Running lights and brake lights should also be replaced if they’re not up to par. If LED bulbs are legal in your area and are available for your motorcycle, consider investing in them. Not only are they significantly brighter than traditional halogen bulbs, they also tend to last much longer.


    When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cheverly MD Locals Hire…

    There’s no substitute for experience, and our lawyers at Cohen and Cohen have represented victims of vehicle accidents for over 20 years. If you’ve suffered a personal injury as a result of a motorcycle accident, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case. Call the legal firm of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. — we’re here for you when you need a motorcycle accident lawyer Cheverly MD victims can believe in.


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