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3 Unique Factors of Motorcycle Accidents | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Hyattsville MD

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Hyattsville MDIf you’ve been involved in an accident and you’re looking for a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents turn to for injury claims, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may be able to help. Our legal team understands that motorcycle accidents can be very different from other types of traffic accidents. We know how important it is for injured victims to receive legal counsel from a trustworthy motorcycle accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can offer.

There are many factors that may influence or cause a motorcycle accident, and while every accident is unique, it’s possible to note a few similarities in motorcycle collisions that other vehicles may not encounter. Here are a few of the more common factors that can play a big role in motorcycle accidents and personal injury claims:

1. Motorcycle accidents make up a large percentage of all traffic accidents today.

Motorcycle accidents do not make up the majority of traffic accidents, but they represent an uncharacteristically high percentage of all traffic accidents — fatal accidents in particular — on U.S. roads. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists account for approximately 4% of all accident injuries and 14% of all accident fatalities.

And yet, motorcyclists only represent 0.7% of all miles traveled on U.S. roads in the average year. In addition to this, as any motorcycle accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can offer should know, motorcycle accidents in this region of the country are more likely to occur when the weather is warm, meaning that many riders do not use their motorcycles for all 12 months out of the year. Even though motorcyclists represent a small percentage of vehicular traffic, the nature of motorcycle accidents causes a disproportionate number of severe injuries and fatalities.

2. The comprehensive costs of motorcycle accidents can be much higher than mere medical bills.

Car accidents can be very costly for injured victims who have to pay medical bills or take time off from work to recover, but the real cost of a single accident goes beyond monetary value. For an accident resulting in a fatality, comprehensive costs incurred by the family of the victim can last for years, and even decades, after the victim has died.

Most if not any motorcycle accident lawyer in Hyattsville MD will be able to agree that these accidents can produce similar results. The NHTSA recently conducted a study measuring the economic costs of each motorcycle fatality, on average, compared to the years-long comprehensive costs faced by the families of each victim. This data shows that the basic economic cost of a motorcycle fatality is around $1.48 million per victim — but the total comprehensive cost of each fatality is estimated to be around $9.71 million.

Non-fatal injuries may not incur the same high costs, but there’s no denying that the costs of any motorcycle accident can be very high. If a victim sustains a lasting or permanent disability, he or she may experience a significant loss of financial income, personal health, and overall enjoyment of life. Working with a motorcycle accident lawyer Hyattsville MD trusts may be able to offset these financial costs with a settlement or favorable verdict.

3. Motorcyclists often suffer from severe, and even life-threatening, injuries during an accident.

It is very important for motorcyclists to wear helmets in order to lower the risk of a head or brain injury during an accident. According to NHTSA data, helmets are around 67% effective for preventing head and brain injuries in motorcycle riders, and around 37% effective for preventing rider fatalities associated with head and brain injuries.

However, helmets cannot protect motorcyclists against every possible injury during an accident. As any experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can provide might agree, motorcyclists inherently face many possible injuries while riding; some of these injuries are not entirely preventable through the use of a helmet. A broken foot, or a burn on the leg, likely has no direct connection with the motorcyclist’s use of a helmet.

When an accident occurs with another passenger vehicle, motorcyclists often face a higher risk of injury compared to the occupants of the other vehicle. This is because the vehicle essentially operates as a big metal box that can help keep occupants inside the vehicle during a crash. Motorcycles do not provide this same protection. Riders are more likely to be ejected off the seat of a motorcycle during a collision.

In addition, most passenger vehicles are larger and heavier than the average motorcycle. If a motorcycle and a passenger car collide, the motorcyclist will be hit with more force than the occupants of the car will face.

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It is common for injured victims to feel uncertain about how to obtain financial compensation. Considering that many victims face high medical bills and severe injuries that affect their ability to work, they might decide that a personal injury settlement is the only way to ensure financial stability. It’s important for a good Hyattsville MD motorcycle accident lawyer to work with each client closely to determine which course of action will likely benefit the client the most. Every person’s motorcycle accident is unique and involves different factors, so it is important for each case to be handled carefully.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, or if a family member has been fatally injured while riding a motorcycle, don’t hesitate to contact a skilled lawyer for legal counsel. The long-term effects of serious traffic accidents should not be understated or ignored. For more information about the services provided by Cohen and Cohen, P.C., contact our Maryland office today by phone or online.

No one can say that they are “ the best” motorcycle accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can provide, but at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team is proud to give each of our clients a motorcycle accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents can really depend on.

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