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    4 Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Silver Spring MD

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Silver Spring MDFor someone looking for a trustworthy motorcycle accident lawyer Silver Spring MD can provide, finding a capable lawyer or law firm may seem incredibly difficult. Motorcycle accidents can be complex and it’s important to find a lawyer who understands this. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our firm has extensive experience handling injury claims for motorcycle accident victims and fighting for the compensation they deserve.

    No one can really claim that they are “the best” motorcycle accident lawyer Silver Spring MD has to offer, but the legal team at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. is dedicated to providing exceptional legal counsel to injured accident victims in the Silver Spring area. We know that each motorcycle accident case is different; there are many different ways that a motorcycle accident can happen and this may affect how an injured claimant should seek financial compensation.

    Here are a few of the more common types of motorcycle accidents that an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Silver Spring MD trusts will have seen:

    1. Single Vehicle Collisions

    It’s common for people to think of multi-vehicle crashes as being the most traumatic accidents, but when a motorcycle collides with a fixed object, the consequences can still be very severe. Recent data from the NHTSA shows that approximately one in every five motorcycle fatalities occur in collisions with fixed objects.

    Motorcycles are generally lighter in weight, smaller, and less stable than other types of passenger vehicles. When a motorcycle collides with a fixed object, such as a parked car or a tree, the motorist could face very serious injuries.

    Even if a collision only involves one vehicle, a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer Silver Spring MD can provide will know that it still might be possible to pursue a personal injury claim against another driver. It’s possible that another vehicle acted negligently, swerving into the motorcyclist’s lane, causing him or her to drive off the road while attempting to avoid an accident.

    2. Head-On Collisions

    Head-on collisions can be very dangerous for all vehicles, but for motorcyclists, these crashes can be catastrophic. Because motorcycles provide very little protection for occupants, there is virtually no barrier between a rider and an oncoming vehicle. According to data from the NHTSA, 74% of all motorcycle accidents involving multiple vehicles are head-on collisions.

    When a passenger car strikes the front end of a motorcycle — and especially if both vehicles are in motion — the risk of suffering from a life-threatening injury is very high for the motorcyclist. If the motorcyclist survives the crash, he or she may need substantial medical treatment.

    3. Other Cars Turning or Switching Lanes

    Motorcycles are much less visible than other types of passenger vehicles, and for this reason, other drivers are less likely to see motorcyclists when turning into another lane. As any experienced Silver Spring MD motorcycle accident lawyer knows, highway traffic typically travels at high speeds and cars are more likely to make sudden lane changes without signaling. Drivers may also change lanes without checking in their blind spots.

    Cars turning left onto main roads are also more likely to hit a motorcyclist than another type of passenger vehicle because motorcycles are less visible. In 42% of all fatal multi-vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle, another car was reportedly turning left onto another road when the motorcyclist attempted to pass the vehicle or was driving straight in another lane. A seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer Silver Spring MD will likely have dealt with more than one instance of a motorcyclist who suffers traumatic injuries because another driver made a sudden turn or failed to use a turning signal.

    4. Lane Splitting

    Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist drives in between two vehicles on a road that has at least two lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction. Motorcyclists often use lane splitting on highways as a way of passing vehicles without taking up one whole lane.

    Highway traffic is already inherently much more dangerous for motorcyclists, simply because cars are traveling at high speeds, and lane splitting could catch other drivers off-guard. Many other drivers are aware of their blind spots and will check them before changing lanes, but they might not be watching for a motorcycle traveling in the middle of two lanes.

    The legality of lane splitting is often disputed, as a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer Silver Spring MD can provide will know. Most states do not have clear legislation prohibiting lane splitting, and it may be up to individual courts or law enforcement authorities to determine if a motorcyclist is using lane splitting safely.

    When an accident occurs and lane splitting is involved, an injured motorcyclist may have more trouble obtaining reasonable financial compensation; an insurance company, or even a court, may argue that he or she was partly responsible for causing an accident simply because lane splitting was involved. In these cases, an injured motorcyclist may wish to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Silver Spring MD for legal counsel. Even in complicated situations involving lane splitting, it may still be possible for an injured motorist to receive compensatory damages if he or she was technically abiding by common traffic laws and was using lane splitting in a safe manner.

    Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Silver Spring MD Trusts

    Motorcycle accidents can be traumatizing for injured victims and their families. Even when these injuries aren’t life-threatening, they can still be very costly and very frustrating. Immediate medical costs can entirely uproot a family’s financial stability. Injured motorcyclists may also find that they cannot return to work, or they cannot return to the same line of work, because they sustained a disabling injury as the result of a motorcycle accident. This could potentially lead to even more mental anguish, frustration, and financial instability.

    Motorcycle accidents can be some of the most severe traffic accidents on Maryland roads today. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we understand that the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can seem just as damaging as the accident itself. Our legal team is here to help. Contact our Maryland office today and we’ll set up a free case evaluation to discuss possible options for seeking compensation.

    We know that the process of finding a good lawyer can seem overwhelming. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we make sure that each one of our clients receives careful legal counsel from a motorcycle accident lawyer Silver Spring MD residents can depend upon.

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