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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Washington DCAmong all the motor vehicle operators on the road, motorcyclists are the most at risk of serious injury—no steel frame, no reinforced steel to protect him/her. Motorcyclists know this. Which is why, contrary to popular belief, they are generally more attentive than drivers of cars or trucks. Think about it: when was the last time you saw a motorcyclist texting or fixing his/her makeup while riding down the highway? Or sipping on coffee, talking to passengers, plugging addresses into a slow-to-respond navigation system? The answer is probably, never. So along with driver distraction many vehicles designs have large blind spots which make it difficult for drivers to see motorcycles at all. In fact, studies show that in almost 2/3 of all motorcycle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle reported not even seeing the motorcycle prior to the collision.


There is a bias against motor cycle operators that is pervasive and effects the amount of compensation insurers offer victims of motor cycle collisions. The lawyers at Cohen & Cohen do not allow for this bias to exist. Rather, they fight for their motor cycle driving clients and their families with an unmatched level of zeal. Cohen & Cohen lawyers have represented many motorcyclists in cases ranging from the minor to the very tragic. We have been successful in securing fair compensation for our client because we understand what it takes to prove a motorcycle accident case, fight against the bias, and present our clients in their true light.


Should you or loved one find yourselves as victims of a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to contact us—we can, and will help you.


Washington DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
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