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    How To Find A Nursing Home Lawyer Gaithersburg MD Residents Rely On

    Nursing Home Lawyer Gaithersburg MDWhen you are looking for an experienced nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD trusts, Cohen and Cohen, PC has been a top choice for those seeking justice for over 25 years. From medical malpractice to slip and fall cases, thousands of clients have relied on Cohen and Cohen, PC to represent them and carry out their due process with confidence and thorough knowledge of the law.

    One of the areas of the law that Cohen and Cohen, PC practices is ensuring victims of nursing home injuries receive fair legal play. In Gaithersburg MD, nursing home lawyer professionals are trained to recognize if and when mistakes resulting in injury or death occur and how to pursue an equitable resolution. If you think that you or someone you love has been the victim of a nursing home error, negligence, or accident, a top nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD has to offer wants to help you. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C. our team’s combined experience makes us a valuable resource for those who need legal counsel.

    When it comes to nursing homes, it’s easy to trust the health care professionals in them, because that’s what they are: professionals. They have had the medical training and experience to keep aging bodies and minds in good shape—or so we all hope. Unfortunately, despite their knowledge, no nursing home professionals are infallible. There will be times when avoidable errors are made, and sometimes they will have deadly consequences. That’s when you may find yourself looking for the kind of nursing home lawyer in Gaithersburg MD that has the know-how to help you fight for the fair compensation that you deserve. When it comes to issues that arise in healthcare facilities and nursing homes, the stakes for mistakes are much higher. That’s when you’ll want a legal partner like Cohen and Cohen, PC.

    Any nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD relies on will likely start by asking you a litany of questions about your individual case. Since no two nursing home cases are the same, these initial questions can help ensure you have the best chance at finding a speedy and amicable resolution. However, to put you at ease at the start of what may be a difficult time for you (emotionally and physically), the lawyers at Cohen and Cohen offer a free consultation at the start of every case. At this consultation, you can expect to hear questions like these:

    • Are you the victim, or are you here on behalf of someone else?
    • When and where did the incident occur?
    • What are the specific details of the incident?
    • Have you spoken to anyone about the incident?
    • Has the nursing facility tried to contact you regarding the incident?

    If you are ready to pursue a legal case, it may be a good idea to write down some notes regarding the incident so you can be as prepared as possible during your initial free consultation. If Cohen and Cohen, PC does accept your case, it is always on contingency terms. Contingency means that unless you get paid at the end of your case, you are not financially responsible to your attorneys. Simply put, Cohen and Cohen, PC only gets paid if you do. In our years of practicing law, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

    Not sure if your scenario qualifies a call to a nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD residents depend on from Cohen and Cohen, PC? There are countless situations that may qualify for legal action. We have handled many kinds of nursing home cases, including the below general examples of some incidents that you should be aware of when making your determination:

    Medical Malpractice

    A nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD trusts will likely tell you that medical malpractice is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. In fact, nearly 100,000 deaths annually are recorded as due to medical malpractice. Cohen and Cohen, PC understands that it may be difficult to comprehend that a highly trained medical specialist may have unknowingly caused an injury or death, but the sheer numbers of medical malpractice cases show that it’s far from uncommon. At Cohen and Cohen, PC, we know how to help families and individuals seek compensation and justice after medical malpractice may have occurred.

    Slip and Fall

    The vast majority of nursing home residents are elderly or incapacitated in some way. Oftentimes, their mobility may be impaired and it’s crucial that they have the support they need to safely move from one place to another within their nursing home facility. Falls due to dim halls, unmarked wet floors, or unattended floor damage can result in serious injuries like bruises, sprained ankles, broken bones, head trauma, or even worse. Any nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD residents ask will likely tell you that compensation for these preventable slips and falls due to negligence may be pursued with legal action.

    Wrongful Death

    In 2010 alone, approximately 120,000 people died as the result of wrongful death. As one of the top 10 causes of death annually in the United States, it’s important that wrongful death cases are upheld by the law to hopefully stem this avoidable flow of mortality due to negligence. That’s why when you need a nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD citizens turn to when they believe they have a wrongful death has occurred, Cohen and Cohen, PC attorneys are ready and waiting to help.

    Even if you believe that your case does not fall under one of these nursing home issues, you should not hesitate to call Cohen and Cohen, PC for your free consultation. Let the Maryland law professionals determine if your situation calls for legal action, and rest assured that our years of experience fighting for nursing home victims can be put to use to help you strive for just compensation.

    If you or a loved one has suffered from nursing home negligence or recklessness, your questions may be best answered by a nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD victims regularly turn to for help and advice. Place your trust in a nursing home lawyer Gaithersburg MD has relied on for years by calling Cohen and Cohen, PC 24/7 at (202) 999-3284 if you’re in Washington, D.C., (301) 637-8381 if you’re in Maryland, or (703) 997-2784 if you’re in Virginia.

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