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    Nursing Home Lawyer Wheaton MDIf you have concerns about a loved one suffering abuse while living in a healthcare facility, the average nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD provides might tell you that your fears are valid. While the majority of nursing homes seem fine, too many are guilty of abusing or neglecting a percentage of their residents. The attorneys of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. have fought for injury victims for the over two decades. As a result, they’ve helped many thousands of victims get justice and the remuneration they deserve.

    If you’re uncertain whether you need a nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD offers, contact our office at (301) 637-8381 to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation. If your loved one has been seriously injured, they may be eligible to receive compensation.

    When moving your loved one to a safer facility, or into one for the first time, it’s strongly recommended that your family first visit the facility in-person. An in-person visit can be highly informative. Here are some tips on what to look for during those visits.

    Tips for Finding the Right Assisted Living Community

    Knowing what your loved one needs for optimal care can go a long way in understanding what to look for in a facility to determine if it’s a good fit. Be prepared to take notes when visiting each community. A nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD families turn to may suggest that you get everything in writing when it comes to a facility’s policies, requirements, and costs.

    1. Is the facility clean and well kept? With a full-time paid staff, there’s no excuse for a lack of cleanliness. Pay attention not just to the common rooms but also to the bathrooms. Because many seniors have somewhat compromised health as they advance in age, they may be especially vulnerable to bacteria and infections. Check that the toilet and shower areas are thoroughly clean. Perform a virtual white glove test and check for dust, which can cause breathing issues and other respiratory problems. Inquire how often housekeeping chores are scheduled. Also ask about laundry– how often it is done, what gets cleaned, etc.
    2. Sit in on pre-scheduled activities or programs. This will be an opportunity to gauge the personal interaction among residents and staff, and how well they work together. Check into the full list of programs or activities that the facility offers. Do they match with your loved one’s interests?
    3. Notice the friendliness of the staff, or the lack of it. If staff members are not happy and upbeat, they probably don’t enjoy their jobs, and this can negatively affect your loved one on many different levels. Overt anger or hostility from the staff can indicate a much bigger problem. A nursing home lawyer in Wheaton MD might suggest that it could be a clue to possible abuse occurring within the facility.
    4. Take a full tour of the facility. Don’t limit your tour to the interior. Even if the weather is less than pleasant, it is important to visit all the areas in which your loved one will spend time. If the outside areas feel unsafe or unclean, these are important indicators that this particular facility may not be the best choice. When it comes to the facility’s reputation, a nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD relies on might encourage you to also check community reviews of the facility before making a final decision.
    5. Sample the food. Meal times and the food itself will be a major part of your loved one’s life at the facility. Not only is the quality of the food important for nutritional reasons, for the sake of morale, it should be tasty as well. In addition, the importance of the social aspect of shared meals cannot be overstated. Mealtimes may be the most important times of the day for residents. If the food is unpalatable or unhealthy, you may wish to consider alternative facilities. By sampling a meal while visiting, you’ll also have the opportunity to speak with some of the residents. Inquire about their level of satisfaction with the facility. A nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD locals respect might suggest that current residents could provide the most valuable information.
    6. Research the facility’s security measures. Your loved one’s security is paramount. A nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD families trust would likely stress the importance of adequate security. Ask staff questions such as:


    • How are residents prevented from wandering off the grounds?
    • What bathroom safety measures are in place? Are there grab bars inside the shower stall and beside the toilet? Do the sink outlets have GFCI outlets to protect from shock?
    • If a resident experiences an emergency while alone in their sleeping area or bathroom, is there a call button to get an immediate response from a staff member?
    • How often are the residents checked on during the night?
    • If a resident has a medical emergency, what are the procedures?
    • Is there a full-time registered nurse and/or doctor on staff? On call?
    • Are there smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every hallway, bedroom, and common area? If a fire occurs what are the safety procedures for evacuation? In practice drills, care must also be taken. If your loved one is injured from a fire or even a drill, a nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD provides may be able to make a case for negligence on the facility’s part.
    • How is a resident’s medication needs handled?


    Observe as much as possible to confirm or contradict the information they provide.

    • Research the facility’s personal care measures. Just as with security measures, personal care is also important.
    1. Do the residents appear to be well groomed? Does their hair appear combed and clean? Are their nails manicured?
    2. Are they dressed acceptably and appropriately for the temperature and weather conditions if outside?


    A Wheaton MD Nursing Home Lawyer Who Makes a Difference

    Senior abuse is a serious matter, and its victims deserve justice for the injuries they suffer. The attorneys of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. work hard to make sure their clients receive the highest possible settlement when recovering damages. This can make all the difference in being able to care for your injured loved one. For a nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD is proud to have in the community, call Cohen and Cohen, P.C.

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