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    5 Types of Cases Handled By a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal Injury Lawyer Washington DC, MD, VA“Do I really need to look for a personal injury lawyer, or is this case something I can handle on my own?”

    At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we understand that people are often hesitant to seek legal counsel for personal injury cases — particularly when an injury seems very minor. But we also know that personal injury cases can become very complicated very quickly. Injured plaintiffs might be jeopardizing their claim without the legal counsel of a  personal injury lawyer, especially when dealing with a complex liability issue or a difficult insurance company.

    As a top personal injury lawyer Washington DC has to offer, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. continually strives to provide excellent legal counsel to our clients, in a variety of different personal injury practice areas, including:

    1. Automobile Accident Injuries

    Hundreds of traffic accidents happen every single day; some of these are minor fender benders, but others can result in life-threatening injuries. Auto accidents can result in lifelong disability and mental trauma, and in severe accidents, injuries could even be fatal.

    Insurance companies may try to convince drivers that they will receive fair compensation for their injuries, but this is not always the case. Insurance agents may try to downplay the significance of a victim’s injury or get the victim to say that he or she was partially responsible.

    A personal injury lawyer may be able to help a claimant pursue fair compensation from a difficult insurance company after an auto accident results in serious injury.

    2. Slip and Fall Accidents

    Injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents can be very severe, and it’s not always easy for victims to obtain financial compensation from a liable party. Injuries that result in long-term or permanent disability — regardless of the cause — may call for assistance from a personal injury lawyer or law firm. These injuries could be physical but might also be psychological.

    In many disability cases, the plaintiff claims disability because he or she is unable to work and therefore has no way of earning income. The plaintiff may also need additional money to help pay for medical bills, or may simply request damages for pain and suffering.

    State and federal legislation may aim to protect the victims of slip and fall injuries by requiring that business owners take responsibility for the safety of their premises. This may also include government-owned property, such as city sidewalks or public parks. Nevertheless, injured claimants may still benefit from representation from a personal injury lawyer VA trusts. Insurance companies are not always willing to provide reasonable compensation at first, especially if the victim has sustained a serious injury that could justify a large settlement.

    3. Medical Malpractice

    Medical malpractice cases may be filed after an individual has suffered an injury or illness due to the negligence or inadequate treatment from a medical professional. Medical mistakes that may justify a medical malpractice suit often include severe mistakes during surgery, mistakes during pregnancy or during birth, late or inaccurate diagnosis, or inaccurate laboratory testing.

    The key to proving medical malpractice is showing that the mistake could have prevented, and that the doctor, nurse, surgeon, or clinician was careless. It is not always easy to prove liability in medical malpractice cases, as any experienced personal injury lawyer will attest. Medical procedures — surgeries especially — often have a certain amount of risk involved. Patients might even be asked to sign waivers or agreements acknowledging that the procedure might not be successful.

    Nevertheless, an unforeseen problem or a mistake caused carelessness could warrant a medical malpractice case. The damages in medical malpractice suits are often very high because injuries might include permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, brain or nerve damage, or even death.

    4. Product Liability Injuries

    It is important that manufacturers and sellers are held responsible for the safety of the items they sell and produce. When a company designs and/or sells a product that is defective and this leads to an injury, the victim has every right to seek compensation and hold the company accountable.

    A personal injury lawyer may be able to help injured claimants by providing legal counsel and representation in an injury lawsuit. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., clients have turned to us when they need a personal injury lawyer MD trusts for product liability cases such as:

    • Injuries caused by defective sports equipment
    • Injuries from an auto accident involving a defective vehicle
    • Defective airbags in vehicles
    • Defective safety equipment
    • Incorrect medical diagnosis or treatment resulting from defective medical equipment

    5. Workplace Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

    Many businesses take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their work environments, but accidents can still occur and may qualify for workers’ compensation. Certain industries, such as construction or manufacturing, may inherently create dangerous work environments for employees. Businesses are generally required to provide employees with the proper training and proper equipment to reduce the risk of injury, and if a business fails to do this, an injured employee may be able to file for workers’ compensation.

    Large businesses and companies often have workers’ compensation policies through an independent insurer, but injured victims aren’t always granted compensation payments immediately after submitting a claim. As with claims submitted under other types of insurance policies, the insurance agents who oversee workers’ compensation claims may try to downplay an employee’s injury or might simply deny the claim request.

    In these situations, the injured claimant may still be able to hold the employer responsible by filing a personal injury claim with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. A successful injury compensation settlement can help the victim pay medical bills and cover for lost wages.

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