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    Factors to Consider When Determining Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit Compensation

    Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Washington DCWhen you talk to a leading spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC families’ can count on, you may have a list of questions regarding filing a lawsuit and the potential compensation available. Spinal cord injuries can be devastating. Often times, the ability to walk, move or breathe on your own is lost or significantly limited. Unfortunately, the initial survival rate of a spinal cord injury is low, and often a full recovery may be hindered up to a certain extent; requiring a wheelchair or the full time assistance of a live-in nurse.

    Cohen and Cohen, P.C., a spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC respects, understands that the costs of recovering from such a life changing event are considerably high. Medical experts from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation suggest the first year alone can cost a survivor of a spinal cord injury upwards of 1 million dollars.

    On discussing a potential lawsuit with a spinal cord injury lawyer in Washington DC, you may be unsure whether or not you have a case. After all there are legitimate accidents which are unfortunate. However, a large majority of spinal cord injury negligence or medical malpractice claims do have merit. The desire to seek out compensation is necessary and may help you to cover the lifelong physical and emotional costs for something you had no control over.

    The type of spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC men and women should opt for is one that will include several factors to determine a fair settlement compensation value. Oftentimes the case will not reach a full trial, but rather be settled out of court for a set amount you rightfully deserve.

    When you talk to a Washington DC spinal cord injury lawyer, he or she can be your most viable source regarding the value of your case. However, to better prepare you for what you can expect during a spinal cord injury lawsuit claim, the following factors should be considered.

    The Severity of the Spinal Cord Injury

    Spinal cord injuries can include fractures, dislocations, partial or complete severing or other damages which result in partial paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia. The extent of the injury can act as a precursor to the overall physical and emotional impact on the victim. A leading spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC residents trust will likely consider the severity of the injury and whether the injury is complete or incomplete. An incomplete injury means there is sensation or mobility below the injury itself. In this case there is a potential for a partial or full recovery. Whereas, a complete injury means there is no chance for recovery and immobility or loss of function below the injury is most likely inevitable.

    Apart from the actual impact to the spinal cord, neurogenic shock, respiratory or pulmonary problems, inflammation or further complications can occur. Ongoing intravenous fluids, surgeries, pain medication and other treatment are often required. Furthermore, the expertise of neurosurgeons, physical therapists, nurses aids, psychiatrists, cognitive behavioral therapists may also be employed to help the individual to learn or relearn various daily functions.

    Ultimately a spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC has to offer may take into consideration all of the above. Those who’ve encountered serious, permanent or life threatening injuries are more likely to receive larger settlements over those who can fully recover.

    Covering Medical Bill Costs

    A spinal cord injury lawsuit is also meant to help cover the often astronomical, ongoing medical costs, as well as those which are foreseeable in the future. A spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC recognizes as being one of the most respected in the area may examine the current and future expenses and roll them into the claim.

    Reviewing Case Evidence

    Any good spinal cord injury lawyer in Washington DC  has to build a solid case against the defendant. Part of this includes evidence of wrongdoing, negligence or malpractice. For example, if a person slipped in the lobby area of a hotel and partially injured their spinal cord, the lawyer likely needs to prove the facility was indeed negligent.  Sometimes there are huge amounts of indisputable evidence, and in these instances, there is a greater chance the defendant will settle.

    The Physical and Emotional Loss

    When a lawsuit goes to court, jurors may carefully listen to the spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC families have sought out to carefully assess the extent of damages. This not only includes those which are physically obvious, but also those that are considered to be emotional, mental or life changing. A narrative of these damages may be established to emphasize the total loss to the client, their family and society as a whole. The more compelling this explanation is, coupled with the severity of the injury, the greater the likelihood of being awarded a larger compensation.

    Factoring in Age and Health

    A Washington DC spinal cord injury lawyer will likely take into consideration the age and health of their plaintiff. Younger people have a longer life ahead of them, more medical bills and overall suffered a lengthier loss. Coinciding with age may be health factors. For example, a young, healthy person may be more apt to be given a larger settlement than an older individual in deteriorating health.

    Filing a Legal Claim for a Spinal Cord Injury

    Spinal cord injuries are extremely traumatic. Those who have been injured as a result of wrongdoing, malpractice or negligence deserve benefits and assistance from a spinal cord injury claim or lawsuit. Those at fault should take responsibility and be held liable. If you or a family member has suffered a spinal cord injury, it’s pertinent to consider contacting a spinal cord injury lawyer in Washington DC. Without doing so, you risk encountering statute of limitations, some type of defendant immunity or some other claim obstacle.

    Cohen and Cohen, P.C.  is on your side. Contact a spinal cord injury lawyer Washington DC trusts today for a free consultation about a spinal cord injury claim at 202-769-0260.

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