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3 Main Differences Between Car and Truck Accidents 

Truck Accident Lawyer Greenbelt MDAt Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team understands that truck accidents can be very different from other types of auto accidents; and while no one can say that they are “the best” truck accident lawyer Greenbelt MD can provide, we. are proud to say that our firm is continually striving for excellence when it comes to truck accident cases. We understand that it could be essential for an injured person to find a capable and competent Greenbelt MD truck accident lawyer after a very traumatic trucking accident.

Here are a few reasons why truck accidents are often very different from other types of traffic accidents — and why having a personal injury lawyer on your side could help you win your settlement:

1. Trucks could be carrying hazardous materials.

When a commercial truck is carrying hazardous materials, this can cause any minor accident to turn into a major accident very quickly. Commercial truck drivers are typically required to earn a special commercial driver’s license when they are transporting hazardous materials, but as an experienced truck accident lawyer Greenbelt MD can provide might know, this isn’t always the case.

It’s possible for a truck company and a truck driver to not know that a hazardous material is being transported in the cargo. Even when a truck driver knows that he or she is transporting a hazardous item, it’s still possible for an accident to occur and cause injury to other people. When a hazardous material is exposed during an accident, the material could potentially light on fire and cause an explosion (if the material is flammable). If the material is not flammable or does not lead to an explosion, it might still be toxic and harm any individuals who come into contact with it.

An experienced truck accident lawyer Greenbelt MD trusts might know from their client’s experience that toxic materials can potentially lead to very severe — and even debilitating — injuries. Respiratory injuries and illnesses might result from exposure to a hazardous gas or liquid, and these medical conditions might not appear immediately. Other hazardous materials might cause severe skin irritation, chemical burning, or even organ malfunction if an individual has been exposed to the material for too long.

These types of injuries might not appear right away and they might not be visible on the surface. Still, a capable truck accident lawyer in Greenbelt MD should know that exposure to toxic materials can still potentially justify a personal injury settlement.

2. Driver fatigue and driver distraction is a very real problem for truck drivers.

Many truck drivers will be on the road for days, hauling goods from one city on the East Coast to another on the West Coast — and then right back again. Some truck companies also pay drivers based on how quickly they can deliver items. Both of these reasons may cause some truck drivers to spend too much time driving and not enough time resting.

Many states and federal agencies have restrictions on how long a truck driver can be driving before taking a rest period. These restrictions aim to increase safety on the road by requiring that drivers have time to sleep and eat before getting back on the road. Nevertheless, as any experienced truck accident lawyer Greenbelt MD offers might know, truck drivers do not always abide by these rules.

Fatigue can be a very big problem for truck drivers, especially in rural areas and on long stretches of highway at night. A fatigued driver is more likely to make a mistake or even fall asleep at the wheel. If another driver makes an error, a fatigued truck driver is less likely to respond fast enough to avoid an accident. Small mistakes, such as forgetting to use a turning signal before switching lanes, are more common when drivers are tired — and even though these mistakes might be small, they can still lead to an accident.

One way that drivers might deal with fatigue or boredom on the road is by talking on the phone, listening to the radio, or eating a meal. As a seasoned truck accident lawyer Greenbelt MD might attest, all of these activities can be considered distracted driving. Any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road can potentially cause an accident.

3. The average commercial truck is much bigger than the average passenger car.

The sheer weight and size of a commercial truck — compared to the weight and size of the average car, truck, or SUV — puts the occupants of a passenger vehicle at risk during a truck accident. It is certainly possible that a truck driver could be injured during an accident; however, as an experienced truck accident lawyer Greenbelt MD trusts might attest, the occupants of another passenger vehicle are more likely to suffer from traumatic injuries when a collision with a large commercial truck occurs.

When an individual is injured during a truck accident, he or she might suffer from life-threatening or permanently disabling injuries. Broken bones, neck and spine injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are all common types of injuries that individuals have suffered as a result of truck accidents. Not only could these injuries require substantial — and expensive — medical treatment, but they might also leave the individual with lifelong medical issues.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, contact Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today.

At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team understands that truck accidents can be vastly different from other car accidents. We believe that every truck accident victim deserves to have exemplary legal counsel from a lawyer who is competent and experienced at handling truck accident injury claims.

For more information about how our law firm has helped injured claimants receive the compensation they deserved, or to request a complimentary case evaluation with a top truck accident lawyer Greenbelt MD can provide, call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today.

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