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    Is the Truck Company or the Truck Driver Liable? 

    Truck Accident Lawyer Hyattsville MDWhen searching for a skilled truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD may seem as though it is filled with many law offices. The process can become very frustrating and individuals might even begin to think that it’s not worth the trouble. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we understand this frustration and we aim to make sure that every injured accident victim can find a local, capable, and dependable truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents deserve.

    Although no one can say that they are the “best” truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD has to offer, the legal team at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. ensures that our clients have an opportunity to seek — and potentially win — the injury compensation they rightfully deserve.

    When liability is being disputed, our law firm understands that it can be even more difficult for an injured person (or the person’s family) to manage an injury claim alone. For trucking accidents, this problem of liability is all too common. Here’s a quick look at how liability might be an issue in a truck accident and why it could be so important to seek legal counsel from a truck accident lawyer in Hyattsville MD.

    The truck driver could be liable.

    First and foremost, it’s important to consider that the truck driver could have made an error and that this error led to the accident. As an experienced truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can provide might know, there are several reasons why truck drivers have been held liable for causing accidents in the past:

    • Speeding: Many truck companies pay drivers more compensation for delivering goods quickly, causing some truck drivers to speed and create dangerous driving conditions.
    • Failing to use a turn signal before switching lanes or making a turn
    • Failing to check blind spots before switching lanes or making a turn
    • Drug use and/or alcohol use: It’s possible that truck drivers could consume illegal substances while driving, especially for the purposes of staying awake while driving.
    • Distracted driving: Many drivers multi-task behind the wheel. This could include eating, drinking, browsing radio stations, using a GPS, or talking/texting on a cellphone.
    • Fatigue: Many states have regulations stating that truck drivers must take regular breaks during long periods on the road. However, because some companies compensate drivers who can transport items quickly, truck drivers might choose to break these regulations. A fatigued driver is more likely to make mistakes, fall asleep at the wheel, and have a slower reaction time.


    The truck company might also be held responsible.

    When the driver makes a mistake, it’s possible that the truck company could also be held liable. If a truck company fails to provide proper training to a novice driver, for example, an injured claimant might be able to collect a settlement from the truck company.

    In other cases, a claimant’s injuries are so severe that a reasonable settlement goes beyond what the truck driver’s insurance policy can provide. When working with a trusted truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can provide, the claimant might wish to pursue a settlement against the truck company instead of the driver because the company’s insurance policy may provide proper compensation.

    Additional third-party companies could potentially be involved.

    It’s also possible that a truck accident could be caused by a third-party company or service, and not necessarily because the driver or the truck company made an error. Faulty equipment leading to an accident is one common example of how several additional third parties could become involved in an accident injury claim.

    If a part malfunctions and this part should have been repaired or replaced by a mechanic — or if the truck should have undergone a routine inspection but did not — the repair service that provided an inspection (or should have done an inspection) could be held responsible.

    If a part malfunctions simply because it was designed poorly or because it was manufactured poorly, the company (or companies) that designed and manufactured the part might be held responsible. If these companies are separate from the company that manufactured and sold the truck, it’s possible that liability could be disputed even more.

    To make a complicated situation even more frustrating, truck companies in the past have been known to outsource to independent contractors in order to avoid liability. Some trucking companies have leased trucks from other companies and hired drivers through other agencies so that liability for an accident might be placed on those other companies.

    How does liability affect an injury claim?

    As a good truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can provide may know, several states have legislation in place to limit how much blame a trucking company can push onto a third party contractor. Nevertheless, liability disputes can still occur after a truck accident.

    When an individual’s liability or a company’s liability in an accident isn’t clear, their respective insurance providers will likely be less willing to offer a reasonable settlement to the injured victim. If insurance companies continue to dispute liability, a claimant might not be able to receive a settlement in time to cover medical bills, to make up for lost wages, and to pay for general living expenses.

    For this reason, an injured claimant might choose to contact a truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD trusts. If a liability dispute continues to be a problem, the claimant might choose to seek a settlement in court.

    Cohen and Cohen, P.C.: A Source for Finding a Capable Hyattsville MD Truck Accident Lawyer

    If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and you’re hoping to find a competent legal team to help with your injury claim, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may be able to help. Our lawyers understand that liability can be a major concern in truck accident cases. We believe that injured claimants should be focusing on recovery, rather than worrying about dealing with a frustrating insurance company.

    Feel free to click around the site to find out more about how the lawyers at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may be able to help you win the settlement money you deserve. To request an appointment and free case evaluation with a truck accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents trust, contact our local Maryland office today.

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