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Uber Accident lawyer Baltimore MD

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If you’ve been injured while riding in an Uber, you may want to  consult an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD offers as soon as possible. Emotional anguish, financial stress and physical pain can lead to difficulties in maneuvering through your daily life. When you contact an Uber accident lawyer in Baltimore MD, you can be sure that we’ll listen to everything you have to say during a free consultation. Our lawyers may explain the legal avenues available, and zealously represent you to ensure you get maximum compensation.

What is Uber?

Uber is a ride-sharing service that allows people to request a ride using a smartphone app. Nearby drivers, who independently work for the company, arrive within minutes. Similar to a taxi, the driver then takes the passenger to their desired location for a nominal fee. In many major cities, Uber and other rideshare services are rapidly growing and taking the place of taxis. With this boost in the service’s usage has come an increase in accidents that involve Ubers, some of which have caused serious or fatal injuries. If you have sustained an injury from an Uber car, you may need an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD residents have on their side.

Primary Reasons to File an Uber Accident Claim

Although every accident is different, the following are some reasons you may want to file a claim with an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD:

  • The Uber driver was distracted and caused the crash
  • The Uber driver was injured as the result of another party’s negligence
  • A passenger was injured while in an Uber driver’s car
  • A vehicle has been hit by an Uber driver
  • A pedestrian or cyclist has been hit, doored, or jarred by an Uber driver


When you are pursuing legal compensation for your injuries, it will be up to the Baltimore MD Uber accident lawyer to investigate the entirety of your case. This might include determining the primary cause for the collision,  as well as various other factors. Using this information, your lawyer may build a case.

Why You Should Consult With an Uber Accident Lawyer Baltimore MD Trusts

Uber considers its drivers to be independent contractors. For this reason, the corporation is able to deny any fault for injuries resulting from an accident. Although the involved insurance policies may be complicated, if you or a family member has been injured because of an Uber vehicle, you could be entitled to compensation from the driver’s personal policy, and the insurance policy that Uber requires drivers to carry.

To add to this difficulty, Uber is notoriously difficult to get contact. This can slow down claims, and lead victims to feel discouraged and lost. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C. we are familiar with Uber’s practices, and we use our experience to hold all negligent parties involved responsible for their actions.

Uber Car Accident Lawyers Cohen and Cohen, P.C.

Uber accidents are inherently unique. The encompassing laws and complex issues that can arise may require the diligent attention of an experienced lawyer. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. has been representing personal injury and wrongful death victims for decades. Since Uber expanded to the Baltimore area, we’ve been helping residents injured by their cars or drivers. To speak with an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD offers, call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. at 301- 965 -0726.

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