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Uber Accident Lawyer Baltimore

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    Your Rights after an Uber Accident

    After suffering a serious injury in a rideshare accident, contact Cohen and Cohen, P.C. to talk with an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD commuters hire. As a rideshare passenger, you are entitled to certain protections under the law. Speak with one of our attorneys to learn about your rights.

    A Baltimore MD Uber Accident Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

    An Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD residents choose from the law firm of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may help you recover your accident damages. Serious injuries almost always involve high-dollar medical bills. You may also have had expensive property damaged in the accident, such as a laptop or a cell phone. Call us at 301-760-3296 for a free consultation to discover how one of our lawyers may help you.

    Maryland Laws Regarding Uber and Other Ridesharing Services

    The Maryland Public Service Commission regulates Uber and other ride sharing services. If an Uber driver does not follow all applicable laws, commercial driving rules, and safety measures, resulting in accident, they can be held liable for your damages.

    • An Uber accident lawyer in Baltimore MD can be familiar with some of the complexities surround these cases. This includes regulations regarding:
    • Insurance protection for riders, drivers, and passengers of other vehicles
    • Licensing for Uber and other ridesharing drivers
    • Driver background checks and fingerprinting
    • Licensing for companies that offer Uber ridesharing
    • Common Scenarios Involving Uber Car Accidents
    • Sadly, as Uber and other ridesharing services become more popular, the number of accidents involving their drivers increases. Some of the most common accidents that result in serious injuries as reported by an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD riders hire are:
    • The driver of an Uber vehicle collides with another car, and injures that driver and their passengers.
    • An Uber driver collides with a motorcyclist and seriously injures the biker and totals their motorcycle.
    • An Uber driver runs their vehicle into a pedestrian.
    • An Uber passenger is seriously injured when the Uber driver acted negligently.
    • An Uber driver is liable for an accident that causes serious injuries, but is not insured or else is underinsured.

    Injuries Resulting from an Uber Ridesharing Accident

    If you sustained a serious injury after any kind of ridesharing accident, even if it was not an Uber driver, but a limousine, shuttle, or even a public bus, talk to an attorney. In most case, the driver and their company may not encourage you to seek legal representation. This is because they do not want to be held liable for your damages.

    An Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD victims recommend may establish who should be held liable for compensating you for damages. If necessary, your attorney maytake your case to court if a reasonable settlement is not a possibility.

    The Lawyers of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. 

    The law firm of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. has recovered millions for personal injury clients. We encourage you to make an appointment for a free case review with one of our attorneys. If you have questions about your case, call us today to speak with an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD offers.

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