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Road Hazards Motorcycle Drivers Should Look Out For

By the time you have to call a Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer, it’s too late to watch out for road hazards. Unfortunately, road hazards cause motorcycle accidents often. It’s better to be aware of the problem and know what to watch out for than to find yourself on the pavement after you’ve crashed.

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Road Hazards Are More Dangerous for Motorcycles

You may feel like you know what to look out and are experienced enough after years of driving an automobile, but any Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer may warn you that motorcycles experience more road hazards than cars do. Additionally, a car has four wheels and a full body to keep it stable if it encounters a hazard, but motorcycles can easily get off-balanced and crash.

Some of the types of hazards you may need to be aware of as a motorcycle driver are:

Loose Gravel

Gravel on the pavement isn’t usually a hazard for cars, but it can be for motorcycles. The gravel can be slippery and cause the driver to lose control of their motorcycle before they have time to react. As any Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer knows, accidents involving loose gravel and motorcycles usually involve speeding as well. While you may not be able to avoid all gravel on the pavement, simply slowing down may reduce your chances of having an accident.


Hitting an animal while on the road is a hazard for both motorcycles and automobiles. You may have a better chance of avoiding the animal, if you see it, while on a motorcycle if you don’t lose control. However, a large animal can prove fatal to you as a motorcycle rider because you don’t have the protections of a car. Your Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer wants you to be aware of this hazard and encourages you to avoid driving in areas with wildlife at night.

Uneven Lanes

It’s not uncommon for traffic lanes to be uneven, especially on major highways or freeways. Traffic lanes that are different heights are called edge breaks and can be very dangerous for motorcycle drivers. In most cases, there may be a warning sign indicating that the lane is uneven, but it’s important to still be alert and aware in all cases.

Railway Tracks

You may be surprised to hear that railway tracks can be hazardous to motorcycles. Unfortunately, the small tire of a motorcycle can get caught in a track and cause the driver to crash. Furthermore, the wood or metal between the tracks may be slippery after rain, ice, or snow and cause a crash.

As you can see, there are many hazards that can cause a motorcycle accident and this list only covers a small selection of those dangers. You should always be alert and aware when driving a motorcycle or other vehicle, but accidents do happen. When you find yourself in an accident, call a Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. at 202-769-0260 today.